Chalk Art Course Confidentiality Agreement!


During the term of tuition, employment, on our premises or receiving monies for work done on a sub contractor basis, you will become aware of privileged or secret information, product developments and techniques, which are the intellectual property of  Chalk Art by Huppy  and Geoff Hupfeld.
It is a condition that whilst of tuition , employment or receiving monies from Chalk Art by Huppy, Geoff Hupfeld, Sign Power, Robina Art and Sign Studio or upon termination of tuition, employment, or receiving monies, you will not divulge any of the knowledge, affairs or secrets of Geoff Hupfeld, Sign Power, Robina Art and Sign Studio, and to Chalk Art by Huppy  , to any other company, persons or persons without the previous consent in writing by Geoff Hupfeld or partner. The condition of  learning chalk art techniques, employment or sub contracting or receiving monies, is extended, so that the student, employee / sub contractor or representative will not use or attempt to use such information in any matter which may injure or cause loss, or to be calculated to injure or cause loss to the employer, Geoffrey Hupfeld, Sign Power, Robina Art and Sign Studio or to Chalk Art by Huppy 

Our Chalk Art course will disclose certain confidential material including:

* Samples of certain artworks (of a unique and distinctive design and style), ownership of and copyright in which vests to Chalk Art by Huppy,Sign Power, Robina Art Studio; Geoffrey Hupfeld

* Photographs and sample of such artworks; Information relating to the preparation of such artworks;

* Costing for such artworks;

* Materials used to produce such artworks:


Any failure to observe the provisions of this Agreement may result in loss or damage to Geoffrey Hupfeld, to Chalk Art by Huppy  , Sign Power, Robina Art Studio in respect of all such loss or damage (including, without limitation, damages for breach of contract or for negligence and the costs and expenses of any such claim on a full indemnity basic).

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