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To whom it may concern,

I've alway liked the look of black board art, but some of them were smudged. Until I heard of Huppy's smudge proof Chalk Art boards I wasn't interested in ordering any. I then made some enquiries and now have boards that are bright & beautiful reflecting the food we sell. I had my family help install them and their light nature made installation a breeze.

Maria Arceo

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Dear Huppy's Chalk Art,

Just a brief not to let you know how happy we are with our new menu board. The diagrams and use of colour across the menu helps to attract the eye of all our guests. With the response we have had on the food board we would like to get a quote on the beverage board. I will send you dimensions and a list in the coming week.
Many thanks

Karen Hethorn
Food & Beverage Manager.

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For many years now Geoff Hupfeld has looked after 'signage' at Robina Woods Golf Course.

It has not been an easy task as our needs are extremely diverse. From directional signs on the course, the pro shop, the tennis courts, club history records and the food & beverage operation. Geoff has always been there for us.

When we asked for eye catching ideas to help promote our specials, "Huppy's Chalk Art" provided the success we looked for. The graphics produced were very professional and gave a great impression of the "fresh" ingredients we always use in our restaurant. The unique look of these boards has proven to be a great asset to us. The durability of the graphics was of particular importance and I can tell you that after seven months of continuous use, the boards look almost as good as the day we first received them.

Geoff Hupfeld continues to service all Robina Woods signage needs.

Yours sincerely
David Pridaux
Food & Beverage Manager

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Dear Geoff-
I received the boards Friday about 10:00am. David was already headed out of the city but I relayed my sheer delight and enthusiasm about these newest boards. Thanks for not cutting the girl in half. She is fantastic. Everyone is thrilled with the Kingspointe signs. Great Job! I will get the estimate off to the Franchisee in Edmond. Have a fantastic trip!
Thanks- Adrianne

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful boards. We just got them hung and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Attached are photos for your files.
Teresa Bourke

Dear Geoff,
A quick note to let you know that we received the board today and it looks great, it was held up in US customs. Thank you for the great job. Shall contact you regarding the menu boards.
Chrys S. Vethan
Corporate Catering Manager
Sheraton Houston Brookhollow Hotel

Geoff -. Please let me know what you think in terms of layout and what would be best. Also, the KingsPointe boards are up and look FANTASTIC, SUPER, GREAT. I could go on and on it is the talk of the city. They are scheduled to open at the end of the week. I am getting David to buy a digital camera so we can take pics and email them to you. I think that is all for now.

Hi Geoff
We received the Chalk Boards today. WE LOVE THEM!!!!!! I can't remember if I ordered a set of the chalk markers. If not,.I would like to place an order.
Can you go ahead and charge them to the credit card number we gave you for the boards????
Do you have any business cards to send with the markers??? I'm sure people will ask about the boards at our conferences. I'd love to be able to give anyone inquiring a business card.
Thanks again...
Julie Lentz Burton
Education Coordinator

I received my new board today, I just love it. It looks so cool. I haven't opened the shop yet but the comments so far on the other board are great. We framed it in oak & it really looks classy. When I have the other one hung, I will take some digital pics & send them. I will contact you soon with some other ideas on smaller boards, such as catering of specials.
Sincerely, Lorraine
Deli Delicious
New York

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know things are crazy around here. Even I have been working in the new store and taking deliveries for the mall location. We couldn't be happier with the signs and the reception of them is phenomenal. We have people lined up out the door to eat in our KingsPointe location. I am finishing up the layout on the Quail Springs location. Have a terrific day.

Hi geoff,we are going to put up the menu boards next week, they look great,we will be in touch when we install,thanks
Subway Minnesota

I just got the board delivered, it looks great!!
Thank you for doing it so quickly.
Belkis Andersen
Food & Beverage Manager
Hyatt Regency Miami Florida


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